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Additional Deputy Commissioner (ICT & Edu)

ICT has made the small village school in the classroom - where students have begun to learn computers as well as books. 2010 National Education in the light of modern science and all the information and communications technology as the architect to build a new generation of digital Bangladesh 'Vision 2021' for the implementation of this website will play a very helpful role in that, I believe. The teachers, students and parents of the three icons to the information, data, and easily reachable with quick and ensures the best use of information technology education in the different departments and other government offices to maintain contact of this website. Girls High School, one of the educational institutions in the district, the district has already taken all the teachers 'multimedia classroom' internal affairs, training has been completed. This website and improve the overall quality of education through the opening of the free flow of information will add a new dimension to Ease expect.

Deputy Commisioner

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Mr. HM


Message of Head of the Institution: It’s a matter of great pleasure that Hazi Mohammad Mohsin Govt. High School, Chittagong has opened eyes to find a website in the realms of modern technology. Ours is a boys' high school with good reputation. The school facilitates modern curriculum for the upliftment of the learners. We have just started our journey to discover a "Digital Dream" that the nation expects. An inquisitive individual may visit this website for having more information regarding this institution. We pay thanks to the Technical Partner to make the programme progressive. Thank you very much for visiting our website and appreciate our little effort.

Ety Kana Chowdhury
Hazi Mohammad Mohsin Govt. High School, Ctg.